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About Us

We are Virginia's Choice for a Reason

We believe that you deserve the very best. Founded by a licensed Structural Engineer (P.E.), we bring unparalleled expertise and excellence to the inspection process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring peace-of-mind through thorough and quality inspections, unwavering dedication to the client and task at hand, and vital education to the homeowner leaving them feeling empowered moving forward.

This is achieved through integrity and passion in what we do while maintaining transparency to deliver the highest quality product to the client.

what drives our business

Our Core Values


Integrity in everything we touch

Integrity must come first. Truthfulness, honesty and sincerity must lead the way in business. These are the pillars in which we operate, provingthat we act on what we say even if that means taking work away from us and giving it to someone that’s a better fit. Staying ethically firm in what we believe is #1 and is paramount to gaining and keeping the trust of our clients.


Passion in what we do

We have passion for the work, the industry, the community, and our clients. We remain curious, enthusiastic, and always excited to learn. Passion fuels what we do and how we treat coworkers, trades workers and clients.


Transparency is a must

Transparency is a crucial value that holds us accountable for all other core values. We believe in sharing every step of our process, every detail of our inspection, every recommendation and every line item on an invoice. We are an open book because we believe that’s the foundation of a trusting relationship between company and client.


Pursuit of quality without sacrificing quantity

We are committed to fervor in producing the highest quality product for our clients while maintaining the client’s vision. Sometimes quality is a simple solution, one that doesn’t require reinventing the wheel!

Our Qualifications

Why Team Up With Us

Certified Home Inspector

Certified by the largest and most recognized home inspection organization in the world, InterNACHI.

DPOR #3380001672

Professional Engineer

Certified Professional Structural Engineer certified with DPOR in the state of Virginia.

DPOR #0402059076

Hands-On for Over a Decade

10+ years of hands-on experience in construction and Civil Engineering design.

Easy-to-Read Reports

Thorough yet understandable reports delivered via PDF or HTML so you can make the most informed decisions.

Advanced Technology

We use quality and technologically advanced tools to deliver a product that separates us from our competitors.

24/7 Support

Support is available round the clock to answer any questions and keep you informed.

about the founder

Meet Alex

I’m Alex Rayfield, a Professional Civil Engineer in the state of Virginia specializing in vertical and horizontal structures, and a Virginia licensed home inspector.

In 2011, a deadly natural disaster changed the way I view structural engineering and the safety of the homes we live in (more on that below).

I’ve worked professionally in Houston, Roanoke, and Washington, D.C. in waterway engineer, structural engineer, and structural superintendent roles across industries that include government, local municipalities, healthcare, residential and commercial construction. 

Today, I help home owners understand where they live, why the structure in which they call “home” is built the way it is, and get peace of mind so they can sleep sound in a structure they trust will keep them and their family safe. 

I live in Madison, Virginia and also own Elevated Structural Solutions, a structural engineering consulting firm that serves central Virginia through custom home design, construction administration, permitting, home repairs, additions and renovations.

the day that determined my career path

In 2011, a tornado ripped right through my back yard, killing 64 people and leaving over 1,000 injured, without a home or power for well over two weeks. And it changed the course of my life.

On April 27, 2011, over 200 tornadoes touched down in Alabama, killing over 300 people. The worst one, an EF4, occurred right in my back yard. It brought with it winds of over 190mph and grew to over 1.5 miles wide when it came through the heart of Tuscaloosa.

Over the next 3 weeks, along with my brother, Hunter, and a few of our friends, I set out to perform a search and rescue. We worked closely with local authorities and, once a state of emergency was declared, the National Guard. We saved many people’s lives during that time but, unfortunately, were not able to save everyone.

It was this natural disaster that really sparked a turning point in my life. I was in school for engineering but I was unsure of the exact path it would take me. This was the sign I needed — it gave me clarity of direction and compelled me to get serious about my education.

I wanted to help bring peace of mind to those in “tornado alley” and raise awareness of the devastating effects that natural disasters can have on a city, community and its residents.

Our Professionals

Our Team

Alex Rayfield, P.E.


Alex gratudated from the University of Alabama with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2013. After holding various structural engineering roles in construction, healthcare and government, Alex started Virginia’s Choice Inspections.

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Home Inspections, Commercial Inspections, Specialty Inspections, Structural Inspections, Structural Design

More Reasons to Team Up with Us

Certified Professional Inspector®

Licensed Professional Engineer

Certified Chimney Inspector

Certified Crawlspace Inspector

Certified Electrical Inspector

Certified Wood-Destroying Organism Inspector

Contractor Experience

Certified Garage Inspector

Certified HVAC Inspector

Certified Kitchen Inspector

Certified Annual Home Maintenance Inspector

Certified Deck Inspector

Pet-Friendly Inspector

Certified Pool & Spa Inspector

Certified Radon Tester

Certified Roof Inspector

Repair Verification

Infrared Certified®

Safe Workplace Inspector

Move-In Certified Inspector

First Time Homebuyer Friendly

Certified Home Energy Inspector

Certified Mobile Home Inspector

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