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Home inspections and add-on services

We offer a wide variety of inspection services, as well as structural engineering inspections, repairs and design.

Our Services

Our mission is to bring peace-of-mind through thorough and quality inspections, unwavering dedication to the client and task at hand, and vital education to the homeowner leaving them feeling empowered moving forward.


Residential Inspections

Our fully encompassing inspections are performed by a nationally accredited and licensed inspector. Specifics include foundations, crawlspaces, basements, exteriors, interiors, major systems and appliances, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roof, and attics.


Commercial Inspections

Comprehensive commercial inspections ensure that all systems are safely operating, supporting structures are in proper working order, and the space is up to date on the latest accepted standards for safe and functional occupancy.


Specialty Inspections

Some of the more specialized inspections we offer include radon testing, structural, thermal imaging, pools and spas, irrigation and sprinkler system, and more. Certain inspections can be an add-on to a home or commercial inspection or a completely stand-alone inspection in itself.


Structural Inspections

We offer a wide range of structural engineering services including real estate structural inspections, manufactured home inspections (HUD), third party inspections for AHJs and private clients, and Owner’s Representative consulting. We also offer a multitude of structural design options to suit your needs.


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“Alex is exactly what you would expect: a consummate professional, communicative, and engaging. His knowledge is complimented by his dynamic personality, and I cannot recommend his services enough.”

— Joseph M.


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Buyer's Home Inspection

Comprehensive home inspection for the prospective buyer to alert and inform you about common defects in the home so you fully understand the investment and commitment you are about to make. Watch the short videos below to gain more insight of what’s to come on your inspection and what happens after.

Seller's or Pre-Listing Home Inspection

For the prospective seller, this is a great way to get ahead of potential closing deal headaches by fixing repairs brought up in a typical home inspection. Having these problems fixed before a potential buyer sees the home allows the home to present better and saves precious time when attempting to sell your home. Please be aware that most home buyers will still have their own home inspection performed even if one has been done by the current owner.

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Radon Testing

Radon is now considered the #2 cause of lung cancer only behind smoking. If you are a smoker then you are 100 times more at risk for lung cancer than a non-smoker. Radon is a naturally-occurring, odorless, gas that emits from the soil beneath us. When uranium naturally breaks down, radon gas is formed. In Virginia, 1 in 5 homes have elevated radon levels that could harm its inhabitants. Every home should be tested for radon gas to understand the levels inside the home. This is especially important during the real estate transaction period. Our licensed, radon measurement testers will use state-of-the-art testing equipment and nationally accredited testing methods to help guide you through radon testing. If elevated levels of radon are encountered (4.0 pCi/L or greater) then our measurers can help guide you through the mitigation process and recommend licensed, qualified contractors to correct the problem. Make sure you and your family are properly protected from harmful radon gasses by scheduling a test today!

Commercial Inspection

For the prospective buyer or tenant, this inspection will give you the knowledge to make the best informed decision to ensure your tenants or employees have a well functioning and safe place to work. This is a more involved process than a typical home inspection and sometimes a site visit is necessary before the full inspection can take place (also known as a walk through inspection). You can expect to learn all about the exterior and interior components during your commercial inspection. When completed, the inspection will leave you feeling empowered and confident to make the right decision for any commercial transaction in your future.


New Construction Inspection

With the growing use of technology and sophisticated systems within our homes, it’s more necessary than ever to ensure a home is built the right way. New construction home inspections are tailored for every major milestone a house sees while it’s on its way to becoming a home. Grading/underground utilities/site preparation, foundation/basement construction, structural framing and roof construction, mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-in’s, and insulation and drywall rough-ins and finals are all inspections that make sure all components and systems are installed correctly and that the house is a safe and well functioning home when the client moves in.

Thermal Imaging & Home Energy Audit

If you think your home isn’t as efficient as you think it should be, then you need this type of inspection the most. With a thorough investigation via thermal imaging and data collection of the major mechanical and electrical systems of the home, an energy report can be produced to show deficiencies throughout the home and suggest ways to improve efficiency which will drive down overall energy costs for the home and save you money. You can watch the video below to learn more or go HERE for Department of Energy information.

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Alex Rayfield is SUPERB. Not only does he happen to be a structural engineer, but he was so very communicative and answered all my questions fully and in such an easy to understand manner.

Professional service and very pleased with the thorough, extensive property inspection report. Truly our advocate! Absolutely phenomenal and highly highly recommended when choosing a home inspector.

— Kaity Y..


Inspection & Service Details

What to Expect

Home Inspection Services

Gain knowledge about the current state of the home and how to protect and ensure proper life expectancy of each system by routine maintenance:

Wondering what we check during a home inspection?

Commercial Inspection Services

Expect to learn all about the exterior and interior components during your commercial inspection. When completed, the inspection will leave you feeling empowered and confident to make the right decision for any commercial transaction in your future. Some areas covered are:

Specialty Inspection Services

Certain inspections can be an add-on to a home or commercial inspection or a completely stand-alone inspection in itself. Those types of inspections include the following:

Structural Engineering Services

Being a licensed Professional Engineer specializing in structures allows VCHI to help the homeowner in more ways than a typical home inspection company would normally be able to do. Areas in which VCHI’s services might be beneficial are:

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Helpful Videos

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